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Learn and enjoy pickleball with my individualized lessons! I focus on fixing common mistakes so you build skills correctly right from the start. My customized training will improve your shots, technique and strategy whether you're a novice or more experienced player. Contact me for fun, personalized lessons that take your pickleball game up a level!
1.  Take some lessons from a qualified instructor if possible. A good coach can teach you proper technique for serves, returns, dinks, volleys, etc. This will help ingrain good habits from the start. 

2.  Work on your consistency. Being able to keep the ball in play is crucial. Do solo drills like bouncing the ball off a wall and repeating strokes. 

3.  Practice both forehand and backhand shots. Don't rely only on your dominant hand. You need to be able to move quickly and hit off both sides. 

4.  Focus on ball control over power as you're learning. Placement and finesse will win more points than slamming the ball. 

5.  Play often to reinforce proper technique. Try to play 2-3 times per week if possible. The more you play, the faster you'll improve.
6.  Watch better players and observe their strategies and court positioning. See what works for them and apply it to your game. 

7.  Have fun with it! Pickleball is meant to be enjoyable. The more you enjoy playing, the more you'll look forward to improving.

Lesson Rates

Private (1-on-1): $40 per hour

2 students: $25 each/hr
3 students: $20 each/hr
4 students: $17.50 each/hr
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